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Cheltenham Artificial Lawns

Cheltenham Artificial Lawns offers grass that is specifically designed for dogs and more. Our artificial lawns are designed to be just the perfect choice for your needs, whether for dog areas, corporate needs, or event hires.


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Call Us at 44 1242 353005

Cheltenham Artificial Lawns

We guarantee that with Cheltenham Artificial Lawns, you can rest easy knowing that only the best products are available for you to select from. Our synthetic grass has been tested and trusted by many and continues to remain the superior choice for all of your needs.

Cheltenham Artificial Lawns Services

Uniquely designed

We have a team of experts at Cheltenham Artificial Lawns who have studied the shortcomings of common artificial lawns and in response, have developed a truly remarkable product for all your outdoor needs whether for pet areas, hires, corporate needs or others.

No infill

Our artificial lawns have been designed to make use of dense and short blades that make it unnecessary for infill. Our artificial lawn is also easy to clean and does not trap liquid waste like other products in the market.


Check out our unique selection of artificial lawns and enjoy a long-lasting experience. All our artificial lawns are built to stand the test of time.


Trusted Artificial Turf Company in Cheltenham, Bristol, Cardiff, Newport.

When it comes to artificial turf, we are aware that you have several providers to choose from.  At Cheltenham Artificial Lawns, we always aim to give you the best results possible to make you happy.

What our customer say

I contacted Cheltenham Artificial Grass to install a medium-sized patch of synthetic turf in my backyard and to lay and stabilize decomposed granite between a concrete grid. My experience was fantastic, and the frontman was incredibly professional, accommodating, and responsive. Joseph P.

Lance and his team are incredibly efficient and effective and when I contacted Cheltenham Artificial Lawns to see if they could provide some AstroTurf for the front and rear gardens of our photography studio (which we needed very quickly in time for a launch event), they were thrilled to help and turned it round so quickly for us. Stefanie C.

Excellent product selection with a great fitting service recommend the gorilla grass products look and feel great. Swan S.

Why choose us

Wondering why you should choose our artificial lawns for dogs, gardens, corporate needs and hire?

Cheltenham Artificial Lawns offers superior quality installation and maintenance services to help you keep your artificial lawn in top shape. Contact us today to get started.

Our commitment to excellence and experience have earned us a reputation as one of the best professional landscape companies in the Cheltenham region. We promise and deliver superior landscaping service for all your needs.