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Artificial Lawns For Play Areas

Artificial lawns are great for play areas. However, similar to all other installations, there is a need to take proper maintenance steps to ensure its durability. Spring and fall are the most common cleanup and maintenance season and for play areas, these seasons are just perfect to put everything in order.

To ensure that your artificial lawns for gardens or play areas remain in the best possible condition, below are some of the tips you should be aware of.

Artificial lawn maintenance is not as dreadful as you thought

When planning on carrying out routine maintenance on your artificial lawn for play areas or gardens, you should not dread this process as it is not as stressful as it used to be. You can go ahead and plan a short day for the whole cleanup and maintenance task.

For proper maintenance, all you need to do is remove leaves or debris that have found their way into your grass by raking it. In some cases, you may choose to handpick these foreign materials. While picking up foreign materials, also take proper care to inspect the length and breadth of the artificial lawn to pinpoint problematic areas if any.

If there are some areas that are going bald or not looking as radiant as other parts of the lawn, call an expert to look into this problem.

Plan something fun for the rest of your day

As earlier stated, caring for your artificial lawn is not as dreadful as you might imagine. Once done inspecting and picking out the foreign materials, you can proceed to make do with the rest of your day as you deem fit. A good thing to note is that you can carry out this maintenance practice as many times as possible to prolong the lifespan of your artificial lawn.


What You Should Avoid Doing On The Artificial Lawn

Having understood the proper way to care for your lawn, a good thing to know is the do’s and don’ts of your artificial lawn whether for play or for gardening This could be an important decider between a long-lasting lawn and otherwise. Below are some of the things you should avoid doing.

Situate your BBQ and fire pit far away

While artificial lawns are great for the external space, you want to ensure that they are kept away from direct exposure to high heat or fire. It is best to situate your fire pit away from the artificial lawn as hot coal and others can destroy the installation.

Avoid the use of harsh chemicals

While it is not impossible for artificial grass or lawns to fade over time, in some cases, the chemicals they are exposed to can speed up the process. More often than not, the artificial lawns are resilient, but over time and due to continued exposure to harsh chemicals, they may lose their color and shine.

To ensure that your artificial lawn is kept in the best possible condition, stay away from harsh chemicals that react negatively with some of the common materials from which the artificial lawn is made from –nylon, polypropylene, or polyurethane.