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Artificial Lawns For The Corporate Sector

While nothing is perfect, there are certain choices that present far more advantages than disadvantages, which are considered to be good choices. The same can be said for the artificial lawn when it is installed in a corporate space or for hire.

While artificial lawns for the corporate sector are great in that they are easy to maintain, cost-effective and long-lasting, there are many people who are looking for just the right push to help them make the decision of whether to install an artificial lawn or not. 

Below are some of the pros and cons of installing an artificial lawn aimed at helping you make a valuable decision.

Pros of installing an artificial lawn for corporate & hire

Water conservation properties

Artificial lawns, as opposed to the natural lawns, are made from nylon, polyurethane and other materials which do not rely on water for maintenance. As opposed to natural lawns that rely heavily on water, artificial lawns are great for water conservation. This can significantly improve your finances by cutting down on your monthly utility costs while delivering the same level of aesthetic value to your space.

By choosing artificial lawns, you get to enjoy several other advantages including the freedom to go away on business or vacation without worrying about the health of your irrigation system.  You also have freedom from the costs of installation and maintenance of an irrigation system and more.


Artificial lawns are made from non-toxic materials which means they are not poisonous or harmful to your health or the health of any children or animals. In addition, the manufacturing process of artificial grasses has been controlled to ensure that they are free from harmful chemicals.


While most people may be allergic to a certain smell or presence of pollen, artificial lawns curb this by being generally non-allergenic. Choosing an artificial lawn is a great option for a corporate setting with many clients and employees coming in. You can rest assured that the need to keep nature or its semblance close isn’t compromising the health of your employees or clients.


No harmful chemical residue

Besides being made from non-toxic materials, artificial lawns are also environmentally friendly in that they do not contribute negatively to the environment. Artificial lawns do not require herbicides, pesticides, and other heavy chemicals to maintain.


Most installations that have been carried out by experts are long-lasting. Artificial lawns also boast of a number of other properties including being dig-proof and long-lasting over many years’ time.


As compared to natural plants that may harm the skin, artificial lawns are great because they possess a safer surface for children or adults, producing little likelihood of an accident on the property.

Return on investment

Installing artificial lawns in a corporate space is guaranteed to improve its appearance and appeal while also boosting the value of the property, thus providing a good return on the investment.

Cons of installing an artificial lawn 

While anything that has a good side is almost sure to have its negative side, below are some of the cons of installing an artificial lawn for your home or corporate space.

Odor buildup

Failure to clean up messes on the artificial lawn can lead to odor build-up. This is more common as there is no organic medium to break down and absorb the mess.

Susceptible to high temperatures

While the artificial law may not flame up on its own, when exposed to fire or high temperatures, the artificial lawn can melt.

Surface heat

Artificial lawn holds more surface heat compared to organic lawns and this may make it feel warm to touch.